Why  Povratak (returning  home)?

There are written documents that testify that the area of ​​today's Žepče municipality,which date back at the time of the ancient Romans. Žepče  was an area suitable for growing wine grapes and how the culture of vineyards here lived a great part.

The turbulent historical circumstances of our space and the tooth of time are entirely eradicating the culture of vineyards in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

In times of the Austro-Hungarian topography we witnessed that they characterized the areas of Žepče and the surroundings suitable for wine grapes growing, and many cadastral parcels carry the names of vineyards, for example the village of Vinište .

Clue to our history of the area and because of the favorable climate conditions and fertile land, we decided to "return" and we revived the culture of  wine culture.
In a very short period of time we have planted and built vineyards and began producing wine.
The vineyards are grown stretching to 60 hectares, with a tendency of steady growth. Before the very vineyard process, we have established cooperation that is still intense with experts from Verona, whose agronomists have explored our soil and gave us guidance in selecting grape varieties.

As a result we have planted: Cabernet Franc, Merlot Ancelota, Pinot Grigio, Palava, Müller Thurgau Traminac and Malvasia.

The selection of varieties has  became a bingo, since we have rich yields from which we produce top quality wines, and positive criticisms in the most eminent wine centers.  

More important, the dimension of the idea POVRATAK (return) is the demographic return that we are trying to revive through the economic story of wine production and sales. 

Plantland, vineyards, top quality wines, PEOPLE participating in the whole process ... 

All this is a REWARD to Us.

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